Eleven Miles Project

Lance Greenfield is writing a novel based in Sexaxa called Eleven Miles – see goodreads.com for further information. 50% of the profits will be donated to the Sexaxa School Bus Project.  The book is now being written and is planned to be published in June this year so If you have any anecdotes that would be interesting reading, email them to princess@boikanyo.com.

Eleve Miles Cover Page

To get you going here’s a synopsis of the book.  We can’t wait to read this book  as we think it will be better than The No 1 Ladies Detective Agency! Please click the picture above and give the author 5 stars to encourage him on his way to a best seller . . .

How far would you have walked to gain your high school education?

From an early age, the greatest passion in Boitumelo Tumelo’s life is learning. Boi, as she is known to her friends and family, just loves going to school. Her primary school is in the local village, but when she graduates to secondary school, two obstacles stand in the path to her further education. Firstly, there are fees to be paid. Secondly, it is eleven miles to the nearest secondary school. She would have to get up very early, and walk that long distance to school every day, and walk home after school. There are many potential dangers along the remote African track between her village and her school.

This is the inspiring story of how Boi overcomes the obstacles and dangers to gain the education that she so desires. Not only does she achieve her ambitions, but she manages to make life better for the children of her village who wish to follow in her footsteps.

Eleven Miles is a fictional story based upon a true life situation in Botswana. Until the target of Princess Boikanyo’s School Bus Project is achieved, 50% of all profits from the sales of this book will go into the project funds.  In the meantime, please feel free to make additional contributions to this worthy cause by clicking on the project link.


5 comments on “Eleven Miles Project

  1. June may be a bit ambitious, but I definitely aim to finish the book and get it published this year. Thank you all for your support!


  2. Our pleasure – please keep us up-to-date with progress and we will encourage people to provide anecdotes which you might be interested in including!


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