Cultural Village Project

In an attempt to preserve the original culture of Sexaxa the people created a cultural village which is very well described at  John Davey had the original idea.  He is a qualified professional guide from Zimbabwe who had a particular interest in running cultural tours providing they were kept totally natural. It was a joint venture project with the people of the village which started in 2001 and involved building a replica homestead rather than using somebody’s house and interfering with their day to day life.  In 2006 he established The Sexaxa Development Trust to ensure that the profits benefited everybody and not just a few but since then there has been funding problems and it’s not running as well as it did when Mr Davey was around.

We have now received funding from the Botswana Government to reconstruct the Cultural Village to make it run the way that the originator Mr Davey would have applauded. We will publish the opening date here when the reconstruction is nearing completion.

Please see Book a Tour for details of the tour and how to book one.

Sexaxa Cultural Village sign post
The sign pointing the way to the Village.
Villager showing a hand made musical instrument
Villager showing a hand made musical instrument


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